Make something #PLEASING.

Here is a little taste from my forthcoming book, Set a Table.

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Boerenkaas Balls

One day, the lovely Fabio brought us a very crumbly hunk of Boerenkaas.  He seemed a little embarrassed (it was 4 years old) but I suspect also knowing…. We at The Dining Room would know what to do with it!  He was right!  We took that crumbly crystally cheese and turned it into these knee-wobbling Boerenkaas balls.  They are everything cheese wants to be when it grows up.  Of course, in no time, that crumbly hunk was gone, and we needed to find another hard strong cheese.  Fortunately, there are such excellent cheeses now made in our country.  Go to the Cheese Shop or market stall and feign ignorance until you’ve tried them all.  Buying cheese is one of my secret joys!

1 ½ c water

½ c butter

1 c flour, triple sifted

4 large eggs

1 ½ c Boerenkaas or a hard strong cheese of your choice

1 c grated parmesan

3 c oil for deep frying

Boil the water and the butter together until the butter is melted.

Remove from the heat and add the flour, stirring in briskly with a wooden spoon.  Roll the mixture into the bowl of a standing mixer and with the paddle attachment, stir in the cheeses.

Beat each egg in a cup before adding to the mixture. Add the eggs one at a time, beating after each addition.

Add a pinch of salt.

Allow the mixture to cool, then shape into 2 ½ - 3 cm balls with your hands

Heat the oil in a wok or deep fryer to medium high. Fry five balls at a time for about 6 – 7 minutes until golden brown.  The balls should be light and cheesy inside.


 photo: Claire Gunn


Writing a Book. The Process.


It is no mean feat coming up with a third book! 

My first two books, A Week in The Kitchen and Another Week in The Kitchen, both published by Jacana Media, are both books that readers have taken to their bosoms and loved and shared and bought for aunties, dads, nieces and newly-weds.  I have been humbled to hear of how my books have brought comfort and consolation and inspiration!  These recipe books set in my busy little shop have for many, changed the way people are now eating.

A Week in The Kitchen, carried powerful momentum: it was shot in a week in The Kitchen!  We would make that food that we make every day, shoot it before the lunch rush in the natural light that bathed our tiny shop, and then we would give our shoot plates to people to eat!  It was complete FUN! Another Week, carried a similar momentum and energy. How to carry that to a third book?

A few years on, I find I still have so many recipes waiting to be shared.  My conviction that we should be eating vegetable-led meals has not diminished one bit since 2012.  Also, I have grown as a chef, creating more recipes and menus for my restaurant, The Dining Room, and feeling the confidence of being able to be the strange hybrid of a chef and “home cook” operating and exercising in the rigours of a commercial environment.  I surely am still Queen of the Love Sandwich but girl, do I have more to share!  Sharing is my thing!  Of course, the book has to be superbly beautiful, offer tremendous recipes that are outstanding and fresh - to love and inspire!

Here are three things that shape my offering as a writer of recipes:

I am constantly hungry – for new ideas, new flavours, new textures.

I am a curator of flavour – I know what is delicious and a know how to get there! A great respector of the integrity of every dish, I am unafraid of pulling things together!  I am also blessed with the belief and support of a host of people who come to The Kitchen, hungry for what is wholesome and truly delicious: a committed army of adventurous tasters for whom I reach for some new delicious thing every day! I cherish the recipes and work of chefs and writers who have gone before me, pioneering great methods and awesome recipes that I can harness and contextualise or simplify or amend to work in my own setting. Making food that will appeal to a wide range of folk and that is easily executed by untrained chefs, make my recipes perfect for the home cook!  You are looking at the most delicious of recipes that are easily achievable.

I have a near religious conviction in the gathering of people around a table for a shared meal.  It is my fervent belief that this is where we understand belonging.  It is also the place where we may finally listen to each other.  It is here that we build families and community and continue the conversation that could possibly make a difference in our fractured world.  So, in my mind, any endeavour to gather the people – friends or strangers, around a table, is surely a virtuous enterprise!  One that I am willing to spend my life encouraging!

My chief thought in writing my new book, Set a Table, has been to encourage readers to create the emotional and physical space for a shared experience of something good.  I present the actual recipes and all the knowledge an entertainer would need to make a gathering around the table work.

Set a Table: create the space, make something simple and beautiful, lay out your cutlery and your plates and your intention.

A Little Cultural Exchange

It’s been a few crazy weeks at The Kitchen.  Even now, a few weeks after Michelle Obama, America’s first lady, graced our establishment, I am still moved by the cleverness and the generosity of her visit, and her powerful endorsement of what we are about and what she is about.

We have always been a busy and popular eatery but since her visit we are even busier, with loads of new faces coming from far and wide to see our tiny shop and sample our offerings.  Best of all has been the tremendous swell of goodwill from all our regular customers and the community about.  It is a powerful and wonderful thing.  We openly accept all the kind wishes and compliments and the sense of vindication about our whole operation.

On the morning of 28 June, I received a call from an aide on Michelle Obama’s ahead team telling me that she might be visiting for lunch.   Of course, we had to be completely discreet.  I gathered my troops and briefed them about the day: we would make the food we had planned for the day but we would need to spruce and polish fast and trade as though it was a regular day in The Kitchen.  Since we really can only seat about 15, we would need to make some space, move some furniture to accommodate the First Lady.  We were to expect about 25 guests with all her entourage.

For a few days before the visit, American visitors had lunch with us and asked unusual questions about The Kitchen.  How many people could we really seat?  Would we ever close our shop?  One of these visitors appeared three times in one day.  I knew Michelle Obama was visiting Cape Town but I decided to not get my hopes up: Woodstock must be a security nightmare!  And besides, we were too small for such a visit!  But do you know what?  Michelle Obama wanted to come to The Kitchen!  And she CHOSE to come to The Kitchen!   And her formidable security machine swung into action as smooth as can be to make it happen!
Secret Service contingents arrived around 12:10pm and we started quietly moving furniture and encouraging customers to decide on take-aways or to stay!  We did not want her to come to an empty shop devoid of all the usual hustle and bustle of lunchtime trade.

Next thing, some very large vehicles with Washington DC number plates pulled up outside our shop.  There was a strange excited silence as we waited.   Sir Lowry road was cordoned off during her visit.  And then Michelle Obama arrived.  I greeted her in the entrance to my shop and welcomed her warmly.  Next I gave her “the tour” of what we had for lunch that day, something I do regularly with countless first time visitors to The Kitchen.  I looked up for reassurance from my trusty crew usually stationed behind the counter to see a phalanx of international press.  Their work done, they shuffled out, the music went on and yay! my girls swung into action putting together lunches and sandwiches for Mrs Obama and her family and all her entourage.  We were having a party!

My Sweetheart, who I had called in (Baby, you’ve got to make us a playlist!  Help us move furniture!) said that there was a perceptible moment in which, during my introduction to the food and our shop, Mrs Obama switched from public relations mode to “I like these people.  This is going to be fun!”  There was laughter and buzz.

My mom, who had doggedly fought/charmed her way through the security cordon, was there too.  She was telling the first lady about the song that the Klopse composed especially for her that was being played on the radio.  Mrs Obama thought my mom was beautiful (which she is!)
The whole visit was marked by Michelle Obama’s warmth and genuineness.  There was a sense that she really wanted to be with us and give us the gift of her visit.  Only she could mobilise her formidable machine to make this happen.  How cool was she to choose The Kitchen?  We are the symbol of what she is on about:  yes you can!  You can make a once dire and dangerous little stretch of Woodstock buzz with wholesome energy and fantastic food!  A successful woman-owned business can inspire and be a force for good!  We can be true to being local and delivering great value.

Mrs Obama and I had a great encounter.   Her comfort in who she is allows those around her to feel comfortable too.  There was a great warmth between her family (what moral fortitude to keep a semblance of sanity and reality!) and her staff appear galvanised by clear purpose.
There were pictures with all my staff and some chatting and then she was ushered away.  But in the 40 minutes or so that she and her people spent with us, we had a party!  We managed to feed all the peeps and have them pay.  Phew!

Michelle Obama had been to The Kitchen!

What Michelle Obama ate:
Koshieri Rice Pilaf
Aubergine Ratatouille
Sumac Parsley Slaw
Beetroot Apple Coriander Salad
Chopped Turkish Salad
Barley Rocket Walnut Salad
Falafel & Hummus

Beetroot Apple Coriander Salad
4 Medium Beetroot boiled until tender and grated
4 Medium Granny Smith Apples, roughly peeled and grated
(equal quantity of beetroot: apple)
½ cup Vinaigrette
1 T honey (optional)
70g of chopped coriander
Salt & Black Pepper

Combine all together with wooden spoons or salad servers (you don’t want to mutilate your salad)
Arrange in a deep serving platter or bowl.

The Origins of the Love Sandwich

When I used to run my catering company from my home in Woodstock, there were always people dropping in: friends, suppliers, family, clients collecting their dinner party food.  Quite often, people would linger to watch and chat, sometimes even participate.  Because it was a working kitchen.  And there was Industry.  We were in the process of creating something delicious, something good.  Having a restaurant?  That is quite beyond me.  Just terrifying!  But having a kitchen and sharing our work – now this we could do!

Now when friends would visit, I would offer a Love Sandwich.  A brief discussion would follow for me to ascertain my friend’s state of mind or heart.  What was needed here?  A Sandwich of comfort?  A Sandwich of inspiration?  A Sandwich to nurture?  A Sandwich to woo?  A Sandwich to nourish?  A Sandwich for some grounding?  Another brief discussion would ensue:  is there anything that the friend could just not abide?!  Now we were getting somewhere and we were almost ready for execution.  Warm or Cold?  Crunchy or Smooth?  Fortunately, we would always have some lovely ingredients to hand which could make a sandwich quite exceptional.  But the Love that was needed could well be a Peanut Butter Sandwich on fresh seeded bread.  Or the plainest plainest cheddar sandwich on a crispy roll.  Butter and Bovril Sandwich with the crusts cut off.  It was all about the attention and listening with which the Sandwich was assembled.  

Nowadays at The Kitchen, I have a full arsenal of delicious things with which to make a Love Sandwich.  Sometimes we may be guilty of giving a bit too much love.  Perhaps a little more restraint is in order!  But for myself, making the Love Sandwich is a privilege and it gives me immense pleasure.

Here’s how a make my own favourite Love Sandwich:  

Anchovy Tomato Toast

2 Slices of Duen’s Dumpy Wholewheat Bread (not pre-sliced – you need to be able to slice it a bit thinner than that with your own long serrated bread knife)

Toast these in your toaster.

Once toasted, butter lightly and add a drizzle of Love Potion or your favourite Salad Dressing.

Then layer: a few Anchovy fillets, fresh Tomato (not wimpy slices), a good splash of Olive Oil, Maldon Salt and Black Pepper.

Stick your 2 slices of toast under a hot grill till the tomatoes are a bit grilled.

Remove from the grill, put on a big plate (it will get messy) and add a splash more Love Potion (dressing or vinaigrette) and torn fresh Basil leaves.

The New York Times, ek sê!

This week, friends from all over the world mailed to say, “The Kitchen has been reviewed in the New York Times!”  And we have been savouring a little of our moment of glory!   

In this world of smooth slick veneers and glam establishments that have loads of money to throw at appearances (nice as they may be!), readers of the New York Times are celebrating the honesty and authenticity of our humble establishment in Woodstock!  Hooray for the Love Sandwich!  Hooray for the Almond Croissants!  Smell the Honey Mustard Sausages straight out of the oven!  Yes to local produce!  We love Woodstock!  And a big thank you to the wonderful community of people who gather in The Kitchen daily for lunch and treats and friendship!