The Origins of the Love Sandwich

When I used to run my catering company from my home in Woodstock, there were always people dropping in: friends, suppliers, family, clients collecting their dinner party food.  Quite often, people would linger to watch and chat, sometimes even participate.  Because it was a working kitchen.  And there was Industry.  We were in the process of creating something delicious, something good.  Having a restaurant?  That is quite beyond me.  Just terrifying!  But having a kitchen and sharing our work – now this we could do!

Now when friends would visit, I would offer a Love Sandwich.  A brief discussion would follow for me to ascertain my friend’s state of mind or heart.  What was needed here?  A Sandwich of comfort?  A Sandwich of inspiration?  A Sandwich to nurture?  A Sandwich to woo?  A Sandwich to nourish?  A Sandwich for some grounding?  Another brief discussion would ensue:  is there anything that the friend could just not abide?!  Now we were getting somewhere and we were almost ready for execution.  Warm or Cold?  Crunchy or Smooth?  Fortunately, we would always have some lovely ingredients to hand which could make a sandwich quite exceptional.  But the Love that was needed could well be a Peanut Butter Sandwich on fresh seeded bread.  Or the plainest plainest cheddar sandwich on a crispy roll.  Butter and Bovril Sandwich with the crusts cut off.  It was all about the attention and listening with which the Sandwich was assembled.  

Nowadays at The Kitchen, I have a full arsenal of delicious things with which to make a Love Sandwich.  Sometimes we may be guilty of giving a bit too much love.  Perhaps a little more restraint is in order!  But for myself, making the Love Sandwich is a privilege and it gives me immense pleasure.

Here’s how a make my own favourite Love Sandwich:  

Anchovy Tomato Toast

2 Slices of Duen’s Dumpy Wholewheat Bread (not pre-sliced – you need to be able to slice it a bit thinner than that with your own long serrated bread knife)

Toast these in your toaster.

Once toasted, butter lightly and add a drizzle of Love Potion or your favourite Salad Dressing.

Then layer: a few Anchovy fillets, fresh Tomato (not wimpy slices), a good splash of Olive Oil, Maldon Salt and Black Pepper.

Stick your 2 slices of toast under a hot grill till the tomatoes are a bit grilled.

Remove from the grill, put on a big plate (it will get messy) and add a splash more Love Potion (dressing or vinaigrette) and torn fresh Basil leaves.