These lunch & supper menus for delivery
R120 – R198 per person ex VAT

R30 – R42 per person ex VAT

Delivery in foils R200 – R350
Delivery on our platters R400 – R700

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New Season Menu for Catered Lunches and Suppers

This is the time to entertain!

Buttermilk Brined Chicken with Za’tar Onions
Parmesan Cauliflower
Red Rice with Pickled Grapes and Beetroot Greens

Palm Sugar Chicken with Olive Orange Relish
Yellow Rice with Edamame, Dill and Sesame
Beetroot Orange Salad

Mustard and Marmalade Chicken
Persian Potato Salad
Lentils with Beetroot and Ginger Dressing

Chicken with Aubergines and Citrus Dressing
New Potatoes with chives and chili
Lentils with Spiced Roasted Butternut and mint

Mr Hong Tower of Crispy Fried Aubergines
Fragrant rice with Kimchi
Celery Slaw with Sesame

Torn Lamb with Chickpeas with Garlic Labne
Roasted Pumpkin with Citrus Crumbs
Broccoli Soffriti

Lime Pickle Aubergines
Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini Sauce, Orange and Pecan
Mediterranean Couscous
Meat Bombs with Parmesan and Velvet Tomatoes
Koshieri Rice Pilaf
Double Courgette Salad

Kara-Age Hake with Peanut Chili Sauce
Egg-fried Rice
Broccoli and Peas with Sesame

Egg Curry with Tamarind Raita
Persian Rice with Crispy onions
Nam Chouc Cucumbers

Indian-spiced Cauliflower Steaks with Coconut Relish
Breyani Rice Pilaf
Chopped Turkish Salad

Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry
With Roti and Sambals
Beetroot Yoghurt Masala Salad
Yellow Rice with Edamame and Sesame

Really Good Fishcakes with Gribiche Sauce (like tartar)
Very Wild Vegetable Rice
Spinach, Peas and Feta Salad

Chicken Wellington
New Potatoes with garlic crème fraishe and watercress
Peas and Greens with Black Sesame Dressing

Pumpkin Pangrattato
Yellow Couscous with Roasted Tomatoes, Baby Spinach and Feta
Beetroot Apple Coriander Salad
Lamb Pilaf with Chickpeas and Green Harissa Relish
Dilled Carrots
Beetroot Orange Fennel Salad

Very Cheesy Baked Pasta with artichokes, spinach and lots of cheese
Shepherd’s Salad
And Well-Dressed Leaves

*Beef Brisket with Kimchi and Gomashio (sesame salt)
Oyster Mushroom Rice
Grilled Broccoli and Peas

Phati’s Tuna Bake
Chopped Turkish Salad
Zingy Leaves

Shakshuka Fish
Mediterranean Fennel Rice with tomatoes
Split Pea Salad

Fried Calamari with Vegetable Paella
Mediterranean Tomato Salad (with olives and capers)

*Vietnamese Lamb Ribs with Asian Tomato Salada
Broccoli with Shallots and Peanuts
Egg-fried Rice

Our (ever popular) Chicken Pie
Cauli, Chimichurri, Crème Fraishe and Sultana
Spice-Crusted Carrots
Beetroot Apple Coriander Salad

*These need to be ordered three days in advance

 Here are some accompaniments we have added to our repertoire should you wish to add or substitute for other favourites:

Winter Greens with Tahini and Crispy Onions
Lentils with Beetroot and Ginger Dressing
Quick White Kimchi
Dilled Carrots with Crème Fraishe
Cauliflower with Tahini, Apple, Pecan
Red Rice with Pickled Grapes, Beetroot Greens
Seedy Black Rice
Broccoli Shallot and Peanut
Preserved Lemon and Courgette Tabbouleh
Cauli, Chimichurri, Crème Fraishe and Sultana
Turmeric Lentils and Dates, Broccoli
Aubergines with Lemony Harissa and Chickpeas
 Broccoli Pad Thai
Indian Spiced Cauli with coconut relish
Lime Pickle Aubergines
Fried Vegetables with Yoghurt and Mint
Black Rice with Nori, Pear, Kimchi and Edamame
Greens with Black Sesame Dressing
Sumac Slaw
Winter Greens with Tahini and Crispy Onions
Vegetable Paella
Japanese Cabbage Pancakes (Okonomiyaki)
Preserved Lemon Labne with Crudité Salad
Coin Poppyseed Salad
Ribbon Salad
Potato Fennel Rosa Boulangere with Parsley Anchovy Relish
Split Pea Salad with Crispy New Potatoes
Celery Slaw with Cucumber and Sesame
Velvet Tomatoes
Mustardy Mung Bean Salad with caraway, carrots and feta

Sweet Things:

A great selection of cakes and puddings:
Bread and Butter with Orange Glaze
Squidgy Date Cake
Jaffa Chiffon Cake
Walnut Cake with Coffee Icing
Apple Pie that keeps on giving
Custard Phyllo Cigars
Butternut Vetkoek

World Peace Brownies
Lemon Squares
Date Balls
Oat Biscuits
Prosperity Bars
Cheesecake Squares