Lunch or Dinner

Summer 2015


Choose a Main Course with 3 or 4 Accompaniments


Beef Fillet

Rare Roast Fillet of Beef with Asian Dressing and Asian “Gremolata”

Rare Roast Beef Tonnato with Tuna, Capers, Rocket

Miso & Mirin Fillet

Grilled Fillet with Walnut Anchovy Sauce


Some accompaniments for Beef…. Choose 3

“Oyster” Mushroom Rice

Or our special Egg Fried Rice

Gremolata Potatoes (parsley lemon garlic pesto)

or Royal Potatoes (peas, basil, eggs)

Fusion Potatoes

Asian Greens or Satay Lentils with Greens

Green Medley/Pati’s Sumac Greens

Roasted Sweet Potato Salad with sesame, lime and coriander

Beetroot Carrot Ginger Salad or similar

Bloody Mary Tomato Salad

Beetroot Butternut Pear Moskonfyt Salad

Mung Bean salad with caraway, carrots& mustard




Marinated Seared Leg of Lamb


with Chermoula and Pine Nuts/

with Anchovy Mayonnaise/

with Sekenjabin (Mint)

with Pomegranate Sauce


Accompaniments with Lamb…Choose 3


Green Harissa Bulgar Wheat with Avo and Peas

Or Bulgar with Yogurt, Mint Roasted Tomatoes

Koshieri Pilaf

Baba Ganoush

Tahini Greens with crispy Onions

Roasted Root Vegetable “Fire”

Roasted Potato Gratin with Crème Fraiche

Or Roasted Potatoes with Preserved Lemon & Rosemary

Armenian Aubergines

Grilled Aubergine Salad with Teriyaki, Mint and Pomegranate

Chopped Turkish Salad or Shepherd’s Salad with Pomegranate

Beetroot Orange Fennel Date Salad


Fresh Line Fish

(we prefer sustainably farmed Kabeljou)


with Spiced Turkish Butter or Olive Paprika Butter

or (our new favourite):

Fresh Fish Kara-age (crisp fried) with Korean Peanut and Chili Sauce




Tokyo Teriyaki Salmon

Crispy Skinned Salmon with Vietnamese Caramel Sauce

Blackened Salmon with Citrus Labne

Sesame Seared Salmon with Avocado & Tahini

Barely Roasted Salmon with Dill Sauce & Pistou


Accompaniments for FishChoose 3


Persian Jeweled Rice

Egg Flied Rice/Persian Rice with Peas & Rocket etc

Pati’s Spring Greens Salad with Radish & Toasted Seeds

Vegetably Mediterranean Saffron Rice Pilaf

Black Rice with Sesame Lime and Coriander

Green Harissa Bulgar

Spring Greens Salad with Radish & Toasted Seeds or Italian Crudité Salad or Alsatian Vegetable Salad

Beetroot Apple Coriander Salad or Beetroot Orange Feta Salad with Watercress

Chopped Turkish Salad/Gypsy Salad/Japanese Tomato Salad



Biblical Quail with Fennel Confit and Pomegranate

(for parties of 20 or fewer)

Quail with Venetian Salsa

Sour Poussin (Agrodolce actually) with Aubergine, Currants and Pine nuts

Glazed Duck with Olive Relish and Sauce Verte

Very Orangey Duck

Korean Duck bathed in Peanut Chili Sauce


Persian Jeweled Rice

Beetroot Yoghurt Masala

Very Wild Vegetably Rice/Egg Flied Rice

Roasted Cauliflower with Parmesan

Turkish Greens with Tahini

Double Courgette Salad

Pea Medley

Orange Sweet Potatoes/Teriyaki Sweet Potatoes



(an affordable and delicious option, served deboned skin-on, sliced breasts)


Chicken Marbella with prunes, olives and capers (a classic)

Teriyaki Orange Chicken

Mebos Chicken

Chicken Medina

Marinated with Harissa & Tapenade and baked with lemon & honey

Barbecued Sesame Chicken

Tunisian Chicken with Jeweled Relish

Barbecued Sesame Chicken

Spiced Bombay Chicken

Orange Angostura Chicken


Green Harissa Bulgar

Mediterranean Couscous

Turkish-ish Koshieri Rice

Carrots Mandalay

Plenty Lentils

Breyani Rice Pilaf

Hippie Tabouleh

Chopped Turkish Salad

Mediterranean Tomatoes

Turkish-ish Koshieri Rice

Beetroot Butternut Pear and Moskonfyt

Beetroot Apple Coriander



Imam Biyaldi

Involtini di Melanzane

Egg Fried Aubergine with Korean Sauce

Mushroom Stroganoff

Gorgonzola Broccoli Tart

Mushroom Pithier

Spinach Mushroom Korma

Vegetable Curry of the Seven Veils

Prune and Turnip Tagine

Gnocchi with Tomato Fondue

Armenian Aubergines

Peppered Tofu Noodles

Gem Lettuce and Pea Braise

Vegetable Paella

Stuffed Roasted Cauliflower

Parmesan Cauli Steaks

Double Courgette with Citrus Crumbs and Pine Nuts

Mama Ganoush & Baba Ganoush with Roasted Vegetables


Our Selection of Treats

Little Lemon Squares

Little World Peace Brownies

Little Ginger Fudge Squares

Cheesecake Squares

Prosperity Bars

Sesame Bars


Dessert Cakes

Chocolate Almond Cake

Sesame Yoghurt Cardamom Cake

Guinness Cakes

Jaffa Fudge Cake

Chocolate Pecan Cake

White Chocolate Cake

Lemon Polenta Tart

Nougat Cake

Lemon Meringue Pie

Carrot Cake


On its own

Hazelnut Meringue Gateau with piles of berries


We also do wonderful ice creams and sorbets for the masterful Sorbetiere