We cater your party so that you are to free to have a wonderful time with your guests, knowing that the food will be fabulously delicious and that the service will be smooth, trouble-free and discreet.

We have done every kind of party and event.  Our food presents beautifully and we aim for the perfect bite which is easily served and elegantly put together.
We do easy informal parties, formal lunches, weddings, events on wine farms, in gardens and orchards, on building sites and in every home, large and small, each event tailored to suit the occasion, hosts and guests.

Decide which party will suit you best:

(See our example menus here)

 - An informal celebration party -
Usually starts with a few canapés with drinks when guests arrive, allowing people to meet and mingle and be surprised by each delicious thing that is passed around by waiters.
Dinner is served buffet style – a generous spread of beautiful platters, typically one or two “Mains” and 3 or 4 accompanying vegetable dishes or salads which are easy to eat from a smaller dinner plate with a fork.
Desserts typically take the form of an assortment of bite-sized treats which provide the perfect sweet bite to end the meal and to facilitate more dancing and partying!
•    Best for between 6 and 200 people
•    Seating not critical
•    Drinks staff recommended for 20 or more people
•    Serving staff and cleaners make it all happen.  Essential for 30 or more people

- A formal dinner party, seated -
Guests are greeted with a welcome drink and canapés
They may sit down to or be served a plated starter.
Dinner is plated and served.  Dessert is plated too.  Instead of Treats, it is a more formal dessert cake.  Guests may enjoy cheese after the meal.
•    Best for 10 – 40 guests
•    Table seating
•    Staff essential
•    Kitchen facilities required, and space for plating

- Cocktail Canapé Party -
Launches/Opening Nights/Post Work Drinks
A Selection of 5 – 6 Canapés (8+ pieces per person)
Usually lasts between 2 – 3 hours
Best for Corporate events and groups of acquaintances

- The Classic Drinks Party -
A Selection of 7 – 9 Canapés (12+ pieces per person)
Usually lasts more than 3 hours
Best for groups of friends

How it works
We send you a menu and cost estimate for the party you require.  You make decisions on the number of guests and the menu you would prefer.  After we have discussed your choices, we send you a Confirmation Menu and Quotation/Invoice.  You pay us a 50% deposit, we secure your date and then we are all go!

On the day
We do all preparation for our parties in our own kitchen at The Kitchen.
We arrive 1.5 hours before the event (or more, depending)
On site, we do plating, garnishing etc. and serve from whatever facilities are available to us.
We can arrange drinks and hiring at your request.

We could even host your party at The Kitchen.
I work with a group of professional waiters and barmen (who I have worked with for 15 years) who take care of drinks and service.
My own team of kitchen staff prepare the party and then serve it on site.  They are superb!

We would be delighted to send you a quotation and answer any questions that you might have.  Please fill in this simple form below.

There are example menus to look at here.

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